Isabela, the place where everything begins

The Agents of Change 2015 Academy begins its first module with a group of teenagers and young people ready to live the experience of knowing themselves. Filled with mixed feelings, we travel to Isabela Island. This module Change Agents lived moments of learnings in which they realized that “There is more to them than they thought.”

Many of them were not known each other, shyness and silence felt in the group felt. Our agents were ready to start discovering ¿Who they are, where they want to go and where they come from? We walked to the Sierra Negra observing the different habitats that characterize the island and between passion fruit, plum trees and mangoes our walking became sweeter. Dario and Oskar thought they could not walk any more, but when they were about to surrender they arrived at “The Cure” and they realize they can reach the goal. Our agents learned that there is a long road ahead but with perseverance they can go far away.

After all the experiences they lived, that afternoon realized that “it is easier to go where we want to go, if you we know well where we are” and that was important for them to identify and awareness their passions and talents. At this stage Alejandro realized that he is a person that don´t stop for the things he want to fight. Miconia reaffirmed his passion for the ocean and realized that she´s a person who is passionate about something and when she meets obstacles in the row she try to resolved them.

Our last day in Isabela, agents are now a team and they recognized as unique beings who have much to give to the community. Felix realized that he is a dreamer and is thinking a lot in the future. The agents had the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna including turtles, sharks and coral ecosystems, with that oportunity they appreciated more the Islands and that allowed them to recognize in their environment. Naomi and Anaquelí realized that there are unique characteristics that define their identity.

Before returning to Puerto Ayora and after all the experiences of the First Module, our agents generated their commitment to themselves and the program, becoming agents of change.