A moment to understand better my community

During Module 3, our agents lived through the experience of the community doing some interviews to local people; this allowed them to understand more about current social and environmental problems of Puerto Ayora. This give a big panorama about what is happening in the City and give them ideas to propose solutions and to create initiatives to generate a positive impact on the community.

We arrived at “Pájaro Brujo Reserve to start module 3; after knowing the place and understand how to live in this space, participants has time to learn. How to use ideas to create social initiatives, establishing goals, developing activities and identifying adults allies who can support the development of their initiative.

Miconia, Dario, Anaqueli, Araceli, Joel and Adrian, realized that the problem of marine pollution is still present on the island and it is important to tell the community about the problem through a campaign that promotes marine conservation. Isabel and Naomi, want the children of Puerto Ayora have the opportunity to receive environmental education, they identified a that childrens has few opportunities to learn about the islands conservation throw an environmental education. Alejandro believe that adolescents and young people need space to identify them in a personal way, they think adolsescents need to involved in new activities have a good use of free time. Israel and Felix thinking in the excessive use of paper are looking for the best way to recycle and reuse this material, creating eco-books that have pictures and messages to sensitize the community.

On the third day our agents spent much of the day eradicating invasive plants in the highlands of the Island and cleaning areas to reforestate with native plants such as Scalesia, with this activitie they realized about the importance of recovering areas that have been lost by elephant grass and wild blackberry.

“I am my community”, it is the motto that identifies this module, our agents now know they belong to a place and it is their responsibility to become positive leaders that contribute to community development. The initiatives are taking shape.