AAC 2014 – The Open House

Our 2014 Agents of Change from the Galapagos Islands have officially graduated! The Academy’s annual Open House took place this last 29 of November and allowed our participants to present and demonstrate our community what they have been working on since presenting their initiatives in module 6 to our selected panelists. It also gave our participants an opportunity to explain what they lived and experienced throughout the 6 modules of both Outward Bound experiential education and Ashoka Youth Venture social entrepreneurship tool kit.

It’s now our third year of the Academy and our community of Agents of Change in the Galapagos Islands is growing. This year parents, teachers, high school principals and classmates were all able to witness just how important our program is for our the islands. They observed a group of 11 Agents of Change fully motivated presenting not only new and creative ways of tackling day to day social necessities that we face in our small pacific islands, but also the great importance of giving teenagers an opportunity to face these challenges from their passions and talents. As one Agent of Change told me, “during these months I was always surprised of just how much I can do to influence my community. I now know what I want to study in university and how important it is for me to work for my community.” This message sums up pretty much what our academy aims at: giving teenagers an opportunity to dream, plan and put into practice their own passions and talents for the greater good of their society.

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