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AAC Class of 2013 – Bryan Carrera

Bryan Carrera

Bryan Carrera

15 years old

I want to be part of this program because I would like to get to see new places, learn about other cultures, and create new friends with whom I could share these new experiences. I would also like to create a project to help protect our fauna because people in the islands don’t respect the norms that exist that help protect our animals.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Bryan Carrera’s first look at the Academy

Bryan’s Journey

Bryan’s Initiative

Bryan was determined to present his initiative to the panel perfectly. Two days before the ceremony he went through the slides of his power point presentation a dozen times, practiced without needing to see them and without reading them. Bryan is the youngest of the group but the most determined to get things done! Even though he was nervous while presenting, he passed on his idea of what he wanted to do for his community full of confidence and pride. Later on the panel congratulated him and told him that his initiative was a great idea and that trying to change people’s mentality regarding waste management is of great importance for our community and something that will not come about easily. Bryan’s tenacity will surely help him along his path as an Agent of Change.


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