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AAC Class of 2013 – Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez

16 years old

I would like very much to be part of the Program of Agents of Change because I know it would help me to give one hundred percent of my energy towards working as a group with whom I will have new experiences. I also know this program will help me to express myself with other people, grow as a person and learn new things about my islands. I would like to create a project for young people to educate them about sexuality and ways to avoid premature pregnancies.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Diana Lopez first look at the Academy

Diana’s Journey

Diana’s Initiative

When our Agents began practicing for their presentations in the month of June, Diana and Melissa, who are both working together in their initiative, were looking for creative ways of how to present it to the panel and our community. They were excited of being able to talk about such an important issue such as Sexual Education, a subject that they see is often overlooked in their high schools. Both Diana and Melissa have seen how classmates have had their lives changed because of early pregnancies and how they have had to set aside their education, and in many ways, future dreams in order to attend to this new and greater responsibility. They wanted to be sure that their presentation would say something about their initiative in a dynamic and straightforward way and that would catch the attention of their audience. They came up with the idea of presenting a short play in which Diana’s character has found out that she is pregnant and that his boyfriend had decided not to take responsibility for the baby, a common and difficult story amongst their classmates. After the presentation Diana and Melissa felt proud of having been able to speak out loud of an issue that they see as something that should be openly talked about in their high schools.


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