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AAC Class of 2013 – Estefania Altamirano

Estefania Altamirano

Estefania Altamirano

16 years old

I live in the island of Santa Cruz and it’s the best thing that could have happened to me because of the beautiful beaches that we have, our unique animals that I feel very proud of being able to protect them. By participating in this program I would like to give talks and organize activities for young people of the islands to bring awareness of ways of having a better Galapagos.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Estefania Altamirano first look at the Academy

Estefania’s Journey

Estefania’s Initiative

Estefania had practiced her presentation for the panel a number of times. Nonetheless, that Sunday morning she was feeling nervous and unsure of herself. After the first minutes of her presentation had gone by you could tell that Estefania was feeling confident and glad to be taking about her initiative. She explained why she had decided to work with endemic and native plants of the Galapagos, how she had already been in contact with main offices of both the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station, and how she was planning on promoting and selling her product. She finished her talk showing the first plastic bottles plant pots that she had created and how, with the help of her family, she was planning on creating more of them and selling them in various places of Puerto Ayora.


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