AAC Class of 2013 – Heidy Segura

Heidy Segura

16 years old

I am somebody who easily gests inspired with what surrounds me. I love music and my project for this program would be to transmit that passion to the youth of my island through a radio program with which I could give advise and offer a space for them to talk about various issues that interests them. I would also like to know people of other ethnicities and nations, to learn more about them and give them support if they need it.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013
Heidy Segura first look at the Academy

Heidy’s Journey

Heidy’s Initiative

Heidy had decided to present to the panel a short clip of her radio program. Between two of her classmates, Indira, Jonathan and herself, they managed to create the clip with three distinct segments that would cover the main idea behind her initiative: entertaining Santa Cruz´s youth in a fun, dynamic and educational way.

During her presentation Heidy spoke about the necessity in Santa Cruz of giving the youth a space in which they could talk about issues that concerned them. She also spoke about her passion for music and of interacting with people. Later on she introduced her short clip and the panel was able to listen to Heidy narrate her segment about the history of pop music, Indira’s report on the development of light pollution in Puerto Ayora and last but not least Jonathan´s romantic and humorous rhymes about daily live in our island. By the end of the presentation the panel congratulated Heidy and told her how if it was well executed her program could become an important communication tool for all adolescents in Santa Cruz.