AAC Class of 2013 – Nory Ango

Nory Ango

17 years old

The reason why I want to enter the Program of Agents of Change is because I know it would be an unforgettable experience in which I will be able to find myself, test my fears and become aware that all the things that I plan to do would be difficult but not impossible. I also know that I will be able to organize my ideals and that I would take full advantage of all the 6 modules because its something that I have always wanted to do.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Nory’s Journey

Nory’s Journey

After Nory had presented her initiative, one of the persons who participated as the panel congratulated Nory and told her as feedback that her initiative was a clear example of how to do a structured, cohesive, and realistic plan of attack. Nory had done a great job at defining S.M.A.R.T goals and identifying the key steps that she would have to take in order for her to achieve her general objective. Thanks to her prior work with her plan of attack her presentation run smoothly and left the panel convinced that her initiative was a great model of what a social initiative should look like. Nory was thrilled of how her presentation had gone by and told us that she couldn’t wait to start working on her initiative.