AAC Class of 2013 – Sugeidy de la Torre

Sugeidy de la Torre

16 years old

I am a vey cheerful, charismatic and sociable person. I am very responsible, respectful and I like to have fun with all the things that I can find here in the Galapagos Islands. Through the Program of Agents of Change I would like to improve my levels of self-trust so that I could promote positive changes in my island. I would also like to become more self-assertive and learn ideas on how to pass on information to students, teachers and to the youth of the Galapagos Islands.

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Sugeidy’s Journey

Sugeidy Initiative

A day before our Agents of Change presented their initiatives to the Panel we had all gathered in the main office of the Academy in Puerto Ayora to begin our last practice. Eduardo Balarezo joined us and had an opportunity to listen to each participant and help out by giving them feedback regarding their presentations. When it was Sugeidy´s turn to present she was feeling very nervous and told me she could didn’t want to do it and if she could wait till the actual day of the panel. After a couple of minutes of the whole group encouraging her she agreed and began her presentation. Once again Sugeidy was able to prove to herself that she is a natural born communicator. She was articulate, was able to speak clearly and showed how passionate she was of why she wanted to do her initiative. Eduardo congratulated her and gave her minor suggestions on ways that she could improve her presentation.

The day of the Panel, Sugeidy was once again feeling nervous but told us that after her last practice she was excited of being able to explain her initiative to the panel. After two of her fellow Agents had presented, she stood up and began her presentation. She did an amazing job and it seemed that she had forgotten all about feeling nervous. She spoke of being aware of the importance of public areas for her community, of cherishing our local flora and of social responsibility. The panel congratulated her and motivated to keep on working on her initiative.