Monserrat Martínez Winner AOC

And the winner is: Monserrat Martinez Zamorano

After evaluating hundreds of candidates from Tierra del Fuego to Tijuana and the Caribbean, it gives me great pleasure to announce our contest winner: Ms. Monserrat Martinez Zamorano.

Welcome, Monserrat! All of us at Lonesome George & Co. and The Academy of Agents of Change are ready and eager for you to join our AOC (Agents of Change) Class of 2014. It’s such a pleasure for us to welcome a proud member of Mexico’s AOC community; we’re thrilled that you’ll be complementing our class roster and sharing in this experience with us.

I take this opportunity to thank all the participants from the many countries in the region for your efforts to demonstrate the positive impact you are having on your local areas. It's a tremendous inspiration to everyone on my team as we witness the desire of this generation to actively make a difference in the community. Well done - You are all Agents of Change!

- Eduardo Balarezo, Founder

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Monserrat Martinez Zamorano

My name is Monserrat Martinez Zamorano, I am 18 years old and I 'm a few months away from completing my degree in UAEH ( Autonomous University of Hidalgo State ).

I want to be Surgeon, I like photography because it is the home of great stories , I love music because if gives movement to the soul and I love animals because they are the purest form of life.

I live in Mexico , in the state of Hidalgo.....

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Monserrat Martínez Winner AOC

Y la ganadora es: Monserrat Martinez Zamorano

Luego de evaluar a cientos de candidatos de Tierra del Fuego hasta Tijuana y el Caribe, me llena de orgullo presentar a nuestra ganadora: Monserrat Martínez.

Bienvenida Monserrat! Todos los que somos Lonesome George & Co. y la Academia de Agentes de Cambio estamos listos y esperando tu integración a la clase de AOC 2014. Nos alegra muchísimo contar con una AOC de México que complemente y comparta su experiencia con nosotros.

Adelante Monserrat! Tu representas a todos los participantes, hagamos de esta experiencia una historia que contar.

- Eduardo Balarezo, Fundador

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Monserrat Martinez Zamorano

Soy Monserrat Martínez Zamorano, tengo 18 años, estoy a unos meses de concluir mi bachillerato en la UAEH (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo).

Quiero ser Médico Cirujano, me gusta la fotografía porque es la portada de grandes historias, la música por otorgarle movimiento al alma y los animales que son la forma de vida más pura.

Vivo en México, en el Estado de Hidalgo...

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