The Academy of Agents of Change

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Eduardo Balarezo – Chief Executive Officer

What exactly is the Academy?

The Academy of Agents of Change is a place for young individuals who dream of a better tomorrow for their community. It’s part classroom, part wilderness arena, and part business forum. Participating youth have an opportunity to find their inspiration and channel it through engaging experiences and discovery. The result is a solidified personal vision and executable plan for what each can do to nurture a sustainable, thriving future for the Galapagos Islands.
Using our unique MIND-SHIFT-IMPACT model, the Academy is part of Lonesome George & Co.’s approach to creating positive social change. The program itself consists of 6 modules combining Outward Bound’s Experiential Learning methodology and Ashoka’s Youth Venture Social Entrepreneurial development techniques.


Who are Agents of Change?

Meet the winner of the MTV Agents of Change

Eduardo Balarezo, founder of LG&Co. and the Academy
of Agents of Change.

Agents of Change are aware that their decisions have direct consequences on the world around them. As conscious consumers and conscious people, they rise above to make better choices, proudly showing what they stand for and why it matters to their community. Simply put, Agents of Change are passionate, empowered individuals who take action to make a difference!


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What does the Academy programming look like?

Discovering Myself Dates: February 21-24 Location: Island of Isabela, Galapagos Archipelago

Finding My Voice Dates: March 21-24 Location: Island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos Archipelago

I Am My Community Dates: April 19-21 Location: Isabela Island, Galapagos Archipelago

Finding My Passion Dates: May 16-20 Location: Outward Bound Ecuador Campus, Ibarra – Ecuador

Setting Up My Dream Dates: June 20-24 Location: Island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos Archipelago

Presenting My Initiative Dates: July 18-21 Location: Island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos Archipelago.