Keila Mendieta

Agueda Guerrero

Agueda thinks the Academy of Change Agents will allow her to be an active and dinamic person in the community and with a clearer vision of what it wants to be and what we can achieve when it proposes. Wants to have the courage to take a risk and propose new ideas, she wants to take responsibility where others make excuses. “Agueda entered to the Academy with the support of Ecology Project International – EPI, due to its efforts in the EPI program.

“Alo Galapagan” is an initiative for the community to continue with good practices on the good disposition of waste in Puerto Ayora. Education should be continuous, we want to transmit the message about the importance to have good practives to all generations. Consumption in populated Islands is increasing, at the same time is greates the amount of waste produced.

Class Roster: Meet our agents of change