Alessia Pecchio

Alessia Pecchio

My name is Alessia Pecchio, I’m 16 years old and moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, Florida about four years ago. This move has definitely impacted who I am because it changed my life completely and pushed me to try new things. From this experience I learned that it is necessary to be hard on yourself sometimes, because it is the only way to learn from life. I love taking on challenges which is why Surfing is one of my hobbies. I love to surf because every time I’m out in the Ocean I learn something new.

I have many passions and skills that I like to share with the people who surround me and who I love, like my family and friends. I enjoy using my creativity to think “outside of the box” to create things that others wouldn’t . I like to be unique in everything I do. I have definitely learned to connect this to my passion for painting. Some people like running, others like reading, some even just like taking a walking to get their minds off things; I like to paint. I usually paint two or three times a week to get my mind off my daily routines.

In my family there are many creative minds, my mom is a passionate and very skillful interior designer and my dad is an intelligent entrepreneur who is always thinking of new ideas for his company or to prove things in his day to day life.On the other hand, my youngest brother is eleven years old and he is a constant reminder to never let go of my inner child and that it is ok to have a little fun sometimes. Finally, there is my big brother Rodrigo, he was an Agent of Change last year. I’ve learned many important things from him and he is an inspiration to always reach for what you want regardless of what others might tell you. All of these qualities from my family have always stuck to me throughout my entire life, it has all built up to the person I am today.

Finally, I’ve always wanted to impact a big group of people positively, always wanted to make a difference somehow. The Agents of Change program has given me this opportunity, because that “group of people” is my community. Which is why I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience.

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