Alma Campiani

Alma Campiani

My story begins much like everyone else’s in my community – born in a privileged family, exposed to opportunity at every corner, nourished with abundant love. It may not sound extravagant to my neighbors, but as I grew up I realized the truth of it: I am part of a minority in the world. I consider growing up in Miami an unthinkable blessing. The place that I call home is a haven that has nourished my growth and laced together the threads of my personality. All of my interests are rooted here; I like to say that I am passionate about my hometown.

The Outward Bound component of Agents of Change appealed to me because I have fostered a connection with my environment since elementary school. I was an earnest member of a Girl Scout troop in my town, exposing me to environmental awareness and camping adventures. Additionally, as I grew up and found myself too occupied with schoolwork, I made a hobby of walking—walking for a long time along the beach or through a local state park. I enjoy the grounding feeling I gain from the connection with the powerful energy of nature.

The most critical reason why I joined AOC is because I am passionate. Passion is a value that I live by. I believe in living a life guided by an ‘inner fire’. My central passion is endurance sports, specifically triathlons. Inspired by my father, I started training as an eleven-year-old. I found joy in the dedication I devoted to it, in exceeding my expectations, in the release of energy, and in the gratification of enduring through such a tough feat. This passion is what urges me to wake up in the morning, eager for another day to bask in the sweetness of commitment.

TFrom passion I derive learning. Aware of my privilege in the opportunity, freedom, and health to follow my passion, I hope to make use of these advantages to help my community. The spirit of passion is contagious, and I know that I can inspire others with it. I am yet unaware of what my initiative will be, but I have a foundation of tools and ideas to draw from.

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