AAC-GAL 2015, Initiatives

Am I an Artist?

Alejandro Albán

With our initiative we aim to create and provide spaces for adolescents from 12 to 16 years of the neighborhood The Cascade so they can express themselves and find their talents and passions through a program in which they will conduct workshops of graffiti, break dancing, hula hula and activities that allow them to create identity.

The lack of recreational spaces for teens and youngs creates a risk of the use and abuse of drugs, so we feel the need to create ¿Am I an Artist?

We were inspired to create these spaces for the adolescents to enjoy the workshops, we want to reduce, in a certain way, drug abuse. We want you to have the opportunity to know ¿Who are they? and ¿What do they want?

The benefit is for the youths of our community, especially those who are from The Cascade neighborhood, because they will have new free time options, we hope that our program enables them to find their passions and talents.