Big learnings, Big Ideas

Module II was performed also on the island of Santa Cruz, in the farm Los Laureles. In this space the Agents had the opportunity to strengthen tools such as communication and teamwork. In this space they to start build their own initiatives, identifying social and environmental problems of the community and contributing with ideas to propose accessible and real solutions to generate positive impact on their community. Using fire as an element of power the Agents discuss about the strength they need to continue with their personal projects.

S.A.R.A conversation model served for Agents to understand the importance of communication, to develop the best way to express their ideas to the community, for personal development and good teamwork. Self-confidence, social skills and time management were factors that strengthened during this module. This enabled them to understand better about their own leadership and they might have with their initiatives.

After several days of sharing experiences, learning and know each other better, the agents of change and began to consolidate as a team and as a family. The farm los Laureles was the ideal environment for the youth and can have spaces in which they internalize their emotions and personal thoughts about his life and about their initiatives stage. The agents were able to realize new ideas, allowing them to capture in an initiative that is an impact on the community.

Module II closed with great learning, ideas and expectations about what comes in the following modules and in his life.

By Gabriela Aguinaga