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AAC Class of 2014 – Carlos Carrion

Carlos Carrion

Carlos Carrión

16 years old

High School: Colegio Nacional Galapagos

Carlos has a passion for photography, specifically nature photography. He has volunteered in several nature clubs in Puerto Ayora and has been able to present several of his photographs in expositions here in Puerto Ayora. He is also passionate about music and would like to study after high school biology or ecology. He was interested in joining the Academy of Agents of Change primarily because he likes to live adventures specially those related with nature. He sees the academy as an excellent way of learning how to see the world from a different perspective and to learn how to live his life as an Agent of Change. His goal is to become a positive influence in our community.

Carlos Carrión

Carlos’ Journey

Carlos’ Initiative

Carlos wants to relate his passion for photography with conservation and our community. He is developing an initiative with his fellow Agents of Change in which they are creating a “Blog” called the “Light House” where they will be able to address information about conservation in our islands, present photographs about native and endemic species of the Galapagos Islands and post information about social initiatives that happen in the island of Santa Cruz.

Carlos Carrión

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