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AAC Class of 2014 – David Paredes

David Paredes

David Paredes

15 years old

High School: Miguel Angel Cazares

David has been excited of joining the Academy ever since his older brother became an Agent of Change three years ago. His primary interest in joining the program is to be able to think about his future and discovering his true talents and how to use them in his future endeavours. He is always looking for new activities and learning from them, reason why he sees the Academy as the perfect combination of adventure and personal development.

Even though he has a passion for electronic games and music and can spend many hours a week investigating all there is to know about these two passions, he loves the outdoors, travelling and learning through adventures. He is looking forward of travelling to mainland Ecuador and practicing mountain climbing and all the activities that Outward Bound Ecuador has to offer.

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David Paredes

David’s Journey

David’s Initiative

David has a passion for dogs and he has been able to see that there are few responsible dog owners in our community to know precisely how to take care of their mascots. He is worried about the amount of violent stray dogs in our town and the effects of this in our local fauna and in tourism. He feels that people in Galapagos will never learn how to take care of our endemic fauna before we learn how to take care of ourselves and our mascots. His initiative is related to teaching humans how to take better care of their dogs.

David Paredes

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