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AAC-PTS Class of 2015 – Delaney Reynolds

Delaney Reynolds

Delaney Reynolds

Delaney Reynolds

Delaney is a sophomore at Palmer Trinity School. She is set to graduate in 2017 and hopes to become an Agent of Change. When asked about what first drew her to the program, she said she has “many sustainability interests including society’s greater use of alternative energies, global warming and sea level rise.” She hopes the program will help her further her work in these areas as possible social initiatives, as well as enlighten her about new topics. She is a published author and illustrator of three books. She is currently working on a fourth book, tentatively entitled Sink or Swim about the very real threat of sea level rise to communities such as Miami Dade and Monroe Counties.

My initiative is Panirama

Parinama was founded on the basis of a paradigm shift. It is the Sanskrit word for change. A change of mindset. Our goal is to inspire people to change the way they see three specific environmental problems: trash in beaches, plastic bag pollution, and sea level rise. To achieve our goal we will host beach cleanups to collect trash which will be upcycled by students to create art pieces. The art made by students and professional artists will be sold at our event Save the Beach Miami Art Gala at the Biscayne Nature Center, in Key Biscayne Florida. We will also work to address the source of the problem, where the trash, especially plastic, is coming from. We will reach out to local pharmacies, major contributor of plastic bags, in order to reach a compromise on an alternative: paper bags. Lastly, to raise awareness about sea level rise we will create a website that contains facts about how sea level rise affects the coast of South Florida. We will also give presentations to schools about these topic, because the sooner we educate the younger generation, the better.

Delaney’s Journey

Delany Reynolds

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