Estefania’s story of Change

Estefania had told us at the beginning of the Academy that she had always been afraid of heights. It wasn’t until our forth module in mainland Ecuador, that she was really able to experience this fear and overcome it.

Our first activity during our one-week stay in the main campus of Outward Bound Ecuador was designed specifically so that participants could challenge themselves and see how truly willing they are into taking a next step towards a future goal. The activity consisted on climbing an 8 meters high pole and later on jumping from it while trying to touch a ball that hung slightly higher and in front of the pole.

When it was Stefanias’s turn, she slowly put her harness and helmet on, went through all of the safety procedures and began climbing.She was nervous, curious and afraid, but she also new that she wasn’t going to give up. After a couple of minutes of standing high above the ground, debating whether or not she wanted to do it, she took a deep breath and jumped! Later on she told the rest of group how aware she was of her fear and how it wouldn’t let her jump. She also became aware of how tenacious she is and how she always tries to do her best at everything she does.“Jumping was the best feeling ever!” she said with a big smile. Everyone could tell that the activity had meant a lot to Estefania and how she will always remember it as a moment in her life when she overcame her fears.

Robert Balfour, Program Coordinator – Academy of Agents of Change