Galapagos Dog initiative

David Parade’s initiative, Galapagos Dog, was created from two strong pillars that answer perfectly to the Academy’s core values of how we seek our participants to develop their own social initiatives. David’s long lasting passion and interest for animals led him to analyze the current challenge that our community in the Galapagos Islands has regarding domestic animals, especially when talking about dogs. Even though dogs have been part of our human history for thousands of years, they are regarded as introduced specie in our archipelago and in many cases their owners treat them with negligence.

David was able to unite his passion and interest with a vital and current challenge that we have in our community. The Academy sees this combination of passions and interests with real social necessities as the best way of motivating young social entrepreneurs to engage with their communities in a positive and proactive way. In David’s case, his initiative has become a vital part of his day-to-day life. He is currently offering various services to dog owners in order for him to teach people the proper ways of caring for their animals in accordance to the Galapagos National Park rules. He has created strong working alliances with NGO’s that promote proper and responsible care for domestic animals in the island of Santa Cruz, and has managed to motivate other teenagers to work with him in his initiative. On top of everything, he is now convinced that he will become a veterinarian in order for him to keep on channelizing his passion for helping animals.