Wear the Inspiration, Fuel the Future

For us at Lonesome George & Co., #GeorgeLives in our brand, in our products, and in our mission. From the way we ethically source, design, and manufacture our apparel to the way we’re innovating in youth education, we’re committed to keeping George’s legacy alive the best way we can.

Our tees, tops, bottoms and accessories all feature super-soft, 100% organic Peruvian Pima cotton, many with one-of-a-kind design elements and embroidery, and even naturally colored (undyed) fibers.

10% from the sale (price you pay) of every product is invested directly into the Academy of Agents of Change, where we run adventure learning and social entrepreneurship programs for kids who dream of a better future for their communities.

MIND your choices – SHIFT your thinking – IMPACT your world

icon-lg    An Agent of Change making conscious choices and supporting positive social impact for the community.

Where can you find him next? He lives where you do. You are an Agent of Change. We want to put you on The Map! Tell us where and how you’re keeping the legacy alive using #GeorgeLives and we’ll drop your unique Agent of Change location pin on that part of the world.