Keila Mendieta

Haelly Salazar

Haelly know it’s a great opportunity to be part of Agents of Change, because it is a program that gives young people the opportunity to be part of a process of change for Galapagos. Is very grateful that through these experiences can generate processes of change in the community. She believes there is a great need for more young people to participate in initiatives to community identity, to strengthen the conservation and promotion of activities connected with the environment, with families and friends.

KEMAHE, is a proposal related to animal protection issues. In Puerto Ayora there is a big population of cats and dogs who need care and control. The community should being more careful of their pets, not only for respect to the animals, but by the impact they cause in the environment of the Galapagos National Park. Through KENAHE, we promote sterilization, adoption and pet care.

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