Heidy’s Story of Change

Throughout the Academy all the facilitators could see how Heidy continuously pushed herself. She wasn’t the strongest swimmer in the group but she was always the first one in the water; she struggled during our hike up to “Sierra Negra” volcano but she never gave up; she volunteered first for all the high rope activities in our trip to mainland Ecuador even though she admitted being afraid of heights. She had countless of experiences such as these that showed how motivated she was with the Academy and how much she wanted to develop her initiative.

I will always remember one day after we had come back from one of our modules how Heidy stepped into my office, sat down in front of me and after I had asked her how she was doing she answered back with her typical determined voice “Robert I want to become a facilitator.” She told me how she loved the idea of being able to help other people, of guiding them through their struggles and of being present in life changing moments. She had become aware of how all of this was so important and vital for our community because she had been able to personally live it. We kept on talking about the idea and of possibilities for her to get training in mainland Ecuador with Outward Bound. She seemed utterly excited of how this new door had opened for her regarding her future and all the professional possibilities that could bring her.

Robert Balfour, Program Coordinator – Academy of Agents of Change.