In House Agent of Change: Robert Balfour

For me Lonesome George & Co. and the Academy of Agents of Change were an opportunity to return again to the Galapagos Islands. I’m from the islands and lived out in mainland Ecuador for a long time without having much idea of how much I missed them. I lived in Quito, surrounded by the Andes, where among many things I obtained my university degree while working with companies that offered education programs that were directly linked with nature.

After all this time of being away from my real home, I got the chance to return to Puerto Ayora thanks to the job in which I am currently working at: I am the coordinator of Lonesome George & Co. – Agents of Change Academy where I am responsible for accompanying teenagers from the island of Santa Cruz in their process of self-discovery and of becoming constructive and active people in our community.

The Academy of Agents of Change has given me the opportunity to connect again with Galapagos society in a unique, revealing and transformative way. After more than a year and a half of working in this great initiative I now realize that while accompanying all these young people in their paths of becoming Agents of Change, I have also experienced a similar process and I am now a true believer of the amazing and transformative capacity that each and every one of us has in our communities.

“Be as you are, so that you can see who your are and how you are. Leave aside for a moment what you have to do and discover what you really do. Take small risks if you can. Feel your own feelings. Say your own words. Think your own thoughts. Be your true self. Discover. Let your true path come from within you.”
Fritz Perls.

 By Robert Balfour – Program Coordinator of the Academy, Lonesome George & Co.