I am an Agent of Change

After a few days of returning from San Pablo, we met again in the offices of the academy. Each team worked with their initiative in the final details needed to perform a preview Eduardo Balarezo, founder of Lonesome Geroge & Co. Agents of Change. Who gave them the final feedback to get everything ready for the next day.

Our Agents have ready a plan of attack for each initiative, this year Agents create 4 initiatives: Road to Conservation, Papelera Isleña, change your habits and ¿A I Artist?. All with the problem identified, with goals and with developed process for execution and to have result in the community.

Early in the morning, they came back to the office, though nervous were ready to defend their initiatives to a panel of experts who supported your positive feedback based on the experience of each. After each team to present its initiative and receiving the suggestions from panelists, our agents returned home to prepare for his big moment in the evening, “The presentation of its initiatives to the community.”

Agents arrived very smart to realize auditorium where the event. After all the experience during previous modules and receiving the necessary feedback to implement their projects. With full house, nervous but ready, our Agents of Change shone community featuring its initiatives. Now they are no longer part of a proactive community. Our 12 boys and girls “They have become Agents of Change”

By Gabriela Aguinaga