If I know myself I can appreciate whats around me

Module 2 our agents were able to understand the importance of listening to others and themselves. They were prepared in the morning for community interviews and came out onto the streets of Puerto Ayora; with pen and paper in hand, listening to the opinion of the people our agents had the opportunity to learn more about their community.

We arrived at the Bird Reserve Brujoin which spent several days identifying and sharing about the problems identified in the community and our environment. Miconia realized that it is important to listen to people and find out what they think about where they live; Our agents listen to the views of others allowed them to know what the community thinks.

Little by little our agents were able to identify and better develop their initiative, and recognized themselves as part of a community and the ability to identify and observe the problems require big ideas to be solved.

In Module two, “I find my voice” our agents learned to listen to others and know their own voice will allow them to go further than they thought.