In Their Words: Q&A with Jessica De Linares, Owner – Metta Boutique

By Chris Leong | Q&A with Jessica De Linares, Owner – Metta Boutique

Q: Tell us a little bit about Metta. What’s the concept behind the stores?
A: Metta is a lifestyle store that supports socially conscius brands as well as artisan made and local artists around the world.

Q: Why did you decide to partner with Lonesome George & Co. and feature its products?
A: Lonesome George & Co. clearly represents the values and social consciousness Metta wants to embrace. They encompass the eco-friendly aspect as well as the amazing Agents of Change program, which we truly feel proud to be part of.

Q: How has the response been from your customers to the brand and the apparel?
A: The response has been amazing. Customers are really drawn to the brand and are then motivated by the social aspect of it as well as the Eco-friendly feel of the garments and accessories.

LG Metta

Q: What’s your favorite (or best selling) piece from the collection and why?
A: At the moment, the Om piece has been doing amazing probably because of the location next to a yoga studio in Miami Beach. Cycle into Change has been a permanent favorite because of the biking culture in Miami in both locations.

Metta Cycle Into Change

Q: How would you describe an “Agent of Change” in your own words?
A: Someone who represents the commitment to strive for a positive impact in the world. To “be the change they wish to see” and to carry their passion for making a socially conscious contribution to their environment.

Q: Any other info you’d like to share about Metta that might be insightful to readers/shoppers?
A: Metta strives to create a positive experience for the customer where they are left with an overall sense of having contributed something to make the world better a place. Metta locations include Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, Florida.

Metta Store Lg

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