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AAC Class of 2014 – Indira Castro

Indira Castro

Indira Castro

17 years old

High School: Colegio Miguel Angel Cazares

Indira has worked before in organizing social initiatives. She participated 3 years ago on a public radio show in which teenagers were invited to talk about ideas and thoughts about several issues of interest. She has been interested in joining the Academy since the beginning in 2012 but hasn’t been able to do so because of conflict with schedules. She is now an Agent of Change and is super motivated in being able to learn how to help people and of impacting positively our community. She has a passion for films, specifically scary movies. She can talk about all the best horror movies ever made and knows all the important details of production of these films. Indira is also passionate about learning other languages and is currently attending a scholarship where she is receiving classes to learn how to speak English.

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Indira’s Journey

Indira’s Initiative

Indira’s passion is to work directly with people. She considers that her talents above all are communicating with people and interacting with our community. She is joining her fellow Agents in a joint initiative in which they are planning on solving the current issue of people not caring about throwing garbage into nature. She is planning on attacking this problem in a creative way using flash mobs and other activities to surprise people and teach them about the importance of waste management.

Indira Castro

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