Interview of Pamela Romero

What was the main reason you decided to participate in Agents of Change?
I decided to join the Academy of Agents of Change because I wanted to change certain things in my community. I wanted to work for my community and at the same time I wanted to change some things about myself. I was looking for the opportunity to do the two things with the help of a group of people.

What was the biggest expectation you had when entering Agents of Change?
I think the biggest expectation I had was that I wanted to be myself throughout the program. I wanted to learn to express myself freely while being true to myself. I wanted to do things for myself without feeling pressured by others.

What was the biggest challenge you had to live in the AAC?
My biggest challenge was definitely the “solo.” I am scared of the dark and since I spend a lot of times being alone I always try to be around people. During the solo I was alone for so long it was almost overwhelming. But despite everything, I learned that I don’t like being alone. It was tough but I learned the importance of having support from others and being around people.

What are the most important tools that you learned in the AAC that will help you in your life?
I think the most valuable tool I learned is the importance of friendship. If you have a good support group anything is possible and you can move forward in life.

The other tool I learned is all about willpower. I know I will have several setbacks in life. But thanks to true willpower I know I will be able to stand up and keep on going!

The third tool I learned is that no matter how much I smile and positive, there will always be people who disagree with my ideas. It is important to learn to listen to others and know how to handle other perspectives.

Tell me ways in which the AAC has influenced your daily life?
I think the most important thing is that I learn to be more harmonious with my surroundings. I learned to really listen to others, to pay attention to what they say and respect everyone. I admit that it’s difficult to do this all of the time but in any case I learned that I can do it.

Why do you think it’s important to have the AAC in our community?
It is very good and important because they give you opportunities to become aware of what you want to change of yourself and of our community.

How do you think all that you have learned in the AAC will help you in your future life?
The Academy is a great source of motivation for me. I know that in the future I will have moments when I feel a little listless. But I will always remember the great challenges that I overcame in the academy and I’m sure that those memories will give me all the necessary support to keep going and know that I can always get up when I fall.

Which module do you think was most important to you and why?
I think the module when we went to Lake San Pablo was the most important. All the activities we did, though tired and challenging, helped me focus a little more on myself. We did a lot of challenging activities and I always saw them as impossible to fulfill. Fortunately my teammates always helped me. The landscapes were amazing and it was very nice to be surrounded by nature. I felt very accompanied by the entire group and I feel that we managed to create a beautiful friendship.

How would you describe your process in Agents of Change?
It helped me to become aware of whom I am. I am still in the process of self-discovery, but I feel that the program helped me to focus much more in my life. Thanks to all the activities we did I was able to see certain aspects of my life that I wanted to change and the positive things that I have. I realized that I can be aware of myself, something that I never did in the past.