AAC Class of 2015 – Isabel Guamán

Isabel Guaman

Isabel Guamán

Isabel has worked extensively on conservation issues in the Galapagos Islands. She is currently involved in the Ecology Club “Mola Mola” where she has learned about the importance of protecting Galapagos flora and fauna. She loves sharing this knowledge with the community in which she lives. She is excited to participate in the Academy of Agents of Change because she sees it as a great opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge that can be implemented practically to positively transform her community in new ways.

My initiative

Isabel believes that our attitudes toward environmental conservation were formed through acquired habits as children; this is the reason why she is motivated to carry out the “Road to Conservation” initiative, which intends to work with children through an environmental education program that allows them to learn about the importance of natural resources and the conservation of the island. Read more about this initiative ›


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