AAC Class of 2015 – Joel Arica

Joel Arica

Joel Arica

Joel belongs to the “Mola Mola” Ecology Club, where he has participated in several ecology projects related to giant tortoise ecology and marine turtles. He also was involved in projects focused on the reuse and recycling of plastic materials. With the Agents of Change Program, he wants to find out more about how to push his limits; he hopes to have a transformative experience that will allow him to recognize his abilities and talents.

My initiative

Although he likes nature and has been involved in conservation programs, Joel wanted to identify what his specific passion was and to build an initiative around it. Now, he is part of the “Change your habit” initiatve, which will focus on raising awareness about the importance of reducing excessive plastic consumption in Puerto Ayora. Also, it will aim to teach the community that there are alternatives to plastic that are friendlier to the environment, like using bamboo cane. Read more about this initiative ›


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