If I know who I am, I may know where I’m going

The objective of Module 3 was carried out in the Ecuadorian Andean Regio we arrived at the Hacienda Palugo, where they learned about how to create sustainable models to work on permanent and sustainable agriculture called “permaculture”. Livestock, organic garden, farm animals, fertilizers, composting toilets, delivering vegetables and memberships that people have to access the Hacienda Palugo, are what the great Nahual project provided to the agents.

They shared an afternoon of information and important ideas that brought entrepreneurs who are pursuing their own initiatives. Agents stored in their “toolbox” all these teachings to future use in their own initiatives. At night around the fire, the story of how Vision searches began in indigenous cultures in order to perform the activity “SOLO” was shared; pillar important to find personal view that the agents want to reach as individuals and as Agents of Change with their initiative.

Theory and basic mapping tools (maps) and navigation (compasses) was shared. This activity is associated with the direction they want to take in life as human beings and as agents of change.

When making his second expedition Cayambe Coca Reserve, it was a complement to the vision quest, because it is a long and challenging hike. They began the walk, which lasted for about five hours, ending at the Baths of “Jamanco”. Agents lived emotions, feelings and strong thoughts. With these experiences, the agents became known more as they are at adversities how to face and control their emotions at the sacrifice to fulfill a life goal and especially what the limitations are that each has.

Using the element water, the end of Module 3 that sought to find the vision of each Agents of Change was made, they were able to share very deep learning based on their experience in their vision quest.

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