Lonesome George & Co. Agents of Change

Our Open house

On Friday the 13 of 2013 we had our first official Academy of Agents of Change “Open House.” Setting aside the traditional ominous date, that afternoon 10 participants from our generation of 2012 and 2013 had a wonderful time presenting to our community in Puerto Ayora their social initiatives and their own process of what they lived throughout the Academy.

At 4:30 in the afternoon all our layout was complete and we were welcoming all the community of Puerto Ayora to our “Open House.” We had organized and set up tents in which our ten participants had laid out photographs that described all the various activities that they had lived during our outings and several props and materials that represented the work they are currently doing regarding their social initiatives.

Jadira, Alvaro and Angel represented our 2012 generation and presented their three initiatives which they had designed and are presently working on. Alvaro talked about how he wants to foment reading as a hobby amongst the youth of the island of Santa Cruz while Jadira has been preparing her private farmland and will soon start working on various projects ranging from agro-tourism to motivating adolescents of Galapagos to preserve our natural habitats by working directly with agriculture land. Lastly but not less important, Angel is now the director of Santa Cruz Surf Club and his main objective of 2014 is to foment this marine sport amongst all teenagers of the island and motivate people to experience surfing as a sport that puts you in direct contact with Galapagos nature and as such, a valuable tool for bringing awareness of the necessity to conserve our fragile marine ecosystems.

As of our 2013 generation, 7 newly graduated Agents of Change proudly talked about the importance of the Academy in their own personal lives. They motivated fellow classmates who were invited to the open house to join the program and spoke about the importance of becoming Agents of Change and what it means to be able to influence positively our community. They also explained what they have learned while experiencing the Outward Bound outings and how the academy has helped them to be more determined in life and of being able to deal with life decisions in a more proactive way.

Our open house proved to be a great celebration of an incredible year for our Academy. We invited two music groups from local high schools that did a great job of animating the crowd. The Santa Cruz Surf Club, with Angel Aguilar leading the group of young surfers, were in charge of selling food and beverages, while Paul Rueda, our chief facilitator from Outward Bound, made sure to keep the crowd curious and active by organizing mind games and fun trivia that all could play. By the end of the event our 10 Agents of Change were incredibly proud of having presented their initiatives and their experiences throughout the Academy. All who work for Lonesome George & Co. /Academy of Agents of Change congratulate this courageous group of Galapagueños and wish them all the best as they venture out into life having gained so many important life tools that will help them as they go through with academic, professional and personal challenges.