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AAC Class of 2014 – Mara Espinoza

Mara Espinoza

Mara Espinoza

15 years old

High School: Tomas de Berlanga

Mara likes to live life to its fullest and loves adventures and taking risks. She is great at sports and has a passion for playing football. Her favorite class in school is natural sciences and PE. Her father is a scientist and taught her from an early age to respect and be curious about everything in our environment. She is proud in saying that her favorite animal in the whole world are sharks and other marine animals. She would love to study biology or ecology afterwards in university. She sees herself as somebody cheerful and that likes being happy whenever the situations needs her to be positive.

She is joining the Academy in order to show what is she able to do for our community and to learn more about leadership and how to convince people to follow her well-funded ideas. She likes the idea of being able to travel to several places with each module of the Academy and getting to meet new people. She is exciting of that will be happening throughout the Academy.

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Mara Espinoza

Mara’s Journey

Mara’s Initiative

Mara will be following her passion and will be using her interst for sports in order to promote a positive impact in our community. She will be working with Carlos, Andrea and Maite, her fellow Agents of Change, in an initiative that will inform people from our community about social projects and spoting events that are important for the well fare of our population.

Mara Espinoza

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