AAC Class of 2013 – Melissa Patino

Academy of Agents of Change – Class of 2013

Melissa Patiño

15 years old

I would love to enter the Program of Agents of Change 2013 in order to confront my fears and live with other people of different cultures, gain new friendships and achieve personal goals. My Project would be directed to the Galapagos youth who use and abuse drugs. I would like to give them support and help them with this big social issue.

Melisa’s Journey

Melisa’s Initiative

Melissa had worked in her initiative with Diana and were presenting together. Prior to their presentation we had several meetings with both of them to talk about what they thought of sex education and how they felt about sexuality in general. It was important to see how they related to a subject that is usually kept unspoken in our community. Both mentioned that they were motivated of talking about sex education just as long as they could do it in a way that could reach their own age group.

When it was Melissa’s turn to present, she did a great job with Diana of acting out a brief clip of what they want their video to be. They spoke of early pregnancies, the great responsibility of having a baby at an early age and the subsequent consequences. Melissa was thrilled of having being able to act out a scene that she says is all too typical in her local high school. And even though she was nervous at first, she finished her presentation feeling excited about the possibility of giving advice to her fellow classmates about such an important subject such as sex education.