Melissa’s Story of Change

After the first modules had gone by we had the opportunity of getting to know all our agents pretty well. We knew what their strengths were when it came to team work, communication skills, leadership, and what their passions and interest were.

During our fifth module it was incredible to see how Melissa took action involving the whole organization of our expedition to a beach near Puerto Ayora. Each participant was designated a role that they were responsible for and that had some type of importance for the development of the expedition. Melissa quickly set up to organize the rest of the group and went through how much food and water we needed to buy, what the general budget was going to be for the whole expedition and what equipment we needed for the two days of camping. Melissa usually kept for herself in many of our activities but in certain situations such as these ones, she surprised us all on how mature she was and how easy it was for her to lead the group. As expected, the whole group had done a great job at keeping well within the budget and had managed to buy all that was needed for a great last barbecue in the beach. Once again Melissa took charge of our last dinner preparing all the food for our barbeque. She lit up the fire and with the help of her fellow agents they began cooking all the food. By the end of the Academy Melissa had become quite the experienced camper!

Robert Balfour, Program Coordinator – Academy of Agents of Change.