AAC Class of 2015 – Miconia Salas

Miconia Salas

Miconia Salas

Miconia thinks the Agents of Change Program is an opportunity to learn about new social initiatives. She believes that an Agent of Change is one who is ready to change lives in a positive way. For her, this program represents a new adventure and she is up for the challenge. Her current tools she brings on this journey are: the support by her parents, enthusiasm, creativity, plus anything that she can charge stuffed in her backpack!

My initiative

Miconia’s passion is the ocean. She is convinced that marine conservation is very important. Now she is part of the “Change your habit” intiative and she wants the community of Puerto Ayora to become aware of a big problem – plastic waste found in the sea which is not only produced by the inhabitants of the island, but also comes in with the currents. She is very committed to this initiative and has been very vocal about it. Read more about this initiative ›


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