AAC Class of 2015 – Naomi Panata

Naomi Panata

Naomi Panata

Naomi wants to be an Agent of Change because she wants to learn more about herself. She wants to better cope with people and learn about how to work together more effectively. She’d like to strengthen her knowledge of conservation because she want to make people aware of the importance of preserving the Islands. She believes that if we do not care for our Islands now, our new generation will not have a good future.

My initiative

With her initiative, Naomi wants to work within the conservation arena, explaining to the community how important it is to preserve the Galapagos Islands. She’s part of the “Road to Conservation” initiative, which has a goal of creating an environmental education program for the children of Puerto Ayora. This program will give them the opportunity to learn about the islands and the importance of preserving them. Read more about this initiative ›


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