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AAC Class of 2014 – Narcisa Parrales


Narcisa Parrales

16 years old

High School: Colegio Miguel Angel Cazares

Narcisa is 16 years old and the first way of describing herself is as a charismatic person that loves to communicate with people and as somebody capable of accomplishing everything that she sets her mind to. She has a passion for music and describes it as a way of being able to communicate emotions and helping people come together. She loves singing and sees it as one of her talents and a great of “escaping to other worlds” when she needs it. Narcisa loves being original, spontaneous and making people laugh.

Her biggest interest in joining the Academy is to be able to find a way for herself in life and becoming more independent of her family. She wants to learn to be more organized with her goals and how to become a positive voice for our community. The Academy represents a great way for her to prove herself as a leader and as somebody who is able to work for our community with clear and new ideas.

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Narcisa Parrales AOC

Narcisa’s Journey

Narcisa’s Initiative

Narcisa wants to be able to unite her passion for music with her initiative. After talking with her fellow Agents of Change they are now designing an initiative in which they will be educating people from our community in a creative way why it’s important not to throw garbage and how to properly manage our waste. Narcisa will be in charge of the musical details of the presentations they will be performing.

Narcisa Parrales

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