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AAC Class of 2014 – Nathaly Sanmartin

Nathaly Sanmartin

Nathaly Sanmartin

16 years old

High School: Colegio Nacional Galapagos

Nathaly studies in Colegio Nacional Galapagos and is attending the International baccalaureate where she has been able to work in various projects concerning community service. She has a passion for dancing and has been practicing various types of dance with a dance company for the last couple of years. She considers dancing as something that comes from within her and that has helped her to open her mind to new experiences. Nathaly considers that thanks to dancing she has become more sensible to the world and feels freer to speak her mind and her ideas when the opportunity arises.

The reason why she wanted to join the Academy is that she enjoys having new experiences and learning from them. She was excited of being able to learn through experiential learning and getting to see new places in our islands and travelling to mainland Ecuador. She considers that our community needs a positive change in several aspects and that she can help to create them.

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Nathaly Sanmartin AOC 2014

Nathaly’s Journey

Nathaly’s Initiative

Nathaly is interested in using dance to help educate people about the importance of waste management. She will be working with her fellow Agents of Change in a common initiative in which they will be using alternative and creative methods to educate people about waste management and not throwing garbage in public areas of Puerto Ayora. Her idea is that through dancing and using “happenings” she will create a positive impact on people about taking care of our town.

Nathaly Sanmartin

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