New dreams, New ways

Early in the morning we were all ready to travel to San Pablo Lake in the province of Imbabura, filled with nerves and expectations our Agents of Change were ready to live the wonderful adventure of Module 4 and describe “His personal vision.”

After several hours of travel we arrived at Base Camp Outward Bound Ecuador, the module began with a welcome and a brief reminder of the rules; it would set up camp where they would rest this and the next module. In the camp nightly and prepared food agents in these spaces were able to discover more about themselves and their peers and of the value of food when they are done with joy. Our favorite chef was Alexander, who is always ready to help.

The adventure of our agents started with low ropes activities, “Crossing the Marsh” that allowed the group to recognize that there are many opportunities that must be seized to implement their initiatives.

“The Staircase of the Giant” and “The Pumper Pole” were high ropes activities that allowed our agents to strengthen their teamwork, they realized that it is super important to be ready to give support to each other and that the work does not It is individual but a whole community, they identified that everyone is responsible for meeting part for attaining the initiative. In the activity “La Torre de Challenges”, should reach a certain score through individual contributions and as a team, for which created a strategy among all and eager to provide the best possible team succeeded.

After identifying the challenge as a team have with their efforts, they were ready to be inspired and continue to develop their plans of attack. We continue the day with clinics map and compass, as they would be with this knowledge themselves who mark the route to the place assigned for the activity of ONLY the following day.

The day started early for everybody, the group established responsibilities and star a long walk through the communities of Gualabí, Anglo and Ugsha, when we was close to Cubilche hill our agents have the challenge to go to a point in the map like a teem, just the group, using a map, a compass and the tools they learn. The weather did not accompany us a lot and it was very hard for our agents walk in the rain and cold, likewise, everybody did it. Miconia, Naomi, Alejandro and Dario walking hand by hand, they reached the goal. We end the day with a warm food, with that our agents were ready for the next day to do his SOLO.

We got up in the mornig with Cayambe Volcano accompanied us before the sun down, the team had the instruction to remain silent in all activity, they walk to the camping SOLO place were thay stay part of the day and the night.