Nicolas Ludwig

Nicolas Ludwig

My name is Nicolas Philipp Ludwig and I am a sophomore at Palmer Trinity School in Palmetto Bay, Florida, as well as an Agent of Change. I was born in Zurich and lived in the German-speaking part of Switzerland for about 3 years. My dad is also from Switzerland but from the French-speaking part, Geneva, and my mom is from Caracas, Venezuela. Due to the fact that my family is so multicultural I can speak three different languages: French, Spanish, and English. My family is very important to me as we do everything together such as traveling, going to soccer tournaments or games, do barbecues, and always having meals together.

I love to play sports, and have done so for as long as I can remember. The sport that I am extremely passionate about is soccer. I have been playing for a competitive travel soccer team since I was eight years old. Soccer is part of our family DNA since my paternal grandfather played semi-professional in Germany and my paternal grandmother was born and raised in Liverpool, England, one of the birthplaces of modern soccer. I am a true enthusiast having traveled around the world to see games and met numerous professional players.

I have traveled to many places around Florida as a player and have been able to see some parts of the underprivileged communities in our state, in particular in south Dade county. I would like to develop an initiative that involves youth sports education in those communities.

Over the summer of 2015 I went to work for my grandfather who opened a company that produces thermoplastic road marking paint and road signs in Panama. After working a full day, I went with a couple of my c0-workers who wanted to introduce me to a soccer club two minutes away from the plant named Club Deportivo Ciudad Santa Fe. They brought me over to the club because when I came to Panama I traveled with a whole suitcase full of soccer equipment from my soccer team, my brother’s soccer team, and from friends and family to give to the players in Panama. When I got to the fields the children were already there

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