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AAC Class of 2014 – Nikol Casignia

Nikol Casignia

Nikol Casignia

16 years old

High School: Colegio Miguel Angel Cazares

Nikol studies in the “Colegio Miguel Angel Cazares” and is excited of being able to graduate from her high school in one more year. She sees herself as a fun, cheerful person who likes to create new friendships. She enjoys being out in nature and contemplating our natural sceneries. She is a fan of rock and roll music and has a passion for dancing and although she was born in mainland Ecuador, she has a strong interest for protecting and conserving our natural environment. Nikol considers that she has a special gift for listening to people and being empathic with them. She is thinking of studying psychology after graduating from high school and helping people in need of support.

She is excited of being able to participate in the Academy and experiencing all the adventures that we will be having throughout all the modules. She sees these adventures as vital for her own personal development as a person and as valuable asset for our community.

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Nikol’s Journey

Nikol’s Initiative

Nikol was interested in working with nature and its conservation since before joining the Academy, reason why she helped creating a group of Agents of Change from this generation and together they will be tackling the problematic of people not being aware of the importance of not throwing garbage in many public areas of our port. They want to educate people in a fun and creative way using flash mobs, creating pieces of art with reusable materials and organizing talks with kids from various schools.

Nikol Casignia

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