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AAC Class of 2014 – Omar Carrera

Omar Carrera

Omar Carrera

15 years old

High School: Colegio Caoplicán Marín

Omar was born in the Galapagos Islands and has lived all his life in the highlands of the Santa Cruz. He is excited of being able to participate in the Academy and getting to see new places, going out to other islands of the archipelago for the first time, and creating new friends and sharing experiences with them. Omar is an avid artist and likes specially drawing animals. He enjoys spending his weekends working in the farm next door to his house and taking care of horses and cattle and working in building things with his own hands. He is worried about the amount of trash that he sees in our local port and wishes to do something about teaching people the importance of keeping our town clean and free of trash.

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Omar Carrera

Omar’s Journey

Omar’s Initiative

Omar will be working with his fellow Agents of Change in a joint effort to keep Puerto Ayora clean from trash. Apart of flash mobs and creating art pieces with reusable materials, he wants to gather materials like carton to create small pieces of furniture and sell them. He wants to teach our community the importance of reusing materials that we normally throw away.

Omar Carrera

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