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AAC Class of 2014 – Pamela Romero


Pamela Romero

16 years old

High School: Colegio Miguel Angel Cazares

It’s an exciting moment for Pamela. Even though she has participated in the past in Boy Scouts in mainland Ecuador, this is the first time that she is joining a program in which there are so many activities oriented towards taking responsibility for her own personal development. She describes herself as somebody cheerful and optimistic and determined to finish everything that she has started. She is passionate about art and music and feels that when she sings, plays the piano or draws she is able to express her feelings and thoughts to the rest of people. Pamela´s main interest in joining the Academy of Agents of Change is that she wants to do something different in her life and create a positive change in her community. She wants to become a leader and be able to express her ideas and show her friends how they too can become Agents of Change in their communities in their own personal ways.

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Pamela Romero

Pamela’s Journey

Pamela’s Initiative

Pamela will be working with a group of her fellow Agents of Change in developing an initiative that will concentrate on educating people from Santa Cruz about the importance of waste management. They want to this in a creative way and are planning on doing flash mobs, art with reusable materials and educational talks with kids from various schools.

Pamela Romero

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