Recycling Tees

recyclable tees

At Lonesome George & Co. we outfit agents of change and invest 10% of every purchase to fund education programs. It’s what we do. But that’s not to say it is all we do. We are constantly evolving, creating more opportunities to be better to our planet.

Our latest evolution is a Recycling Program for our t-shirts – whether it doesn’t fit anymore or you are just simply tired of it – we will take the product back, recycle the raw materials for new designs and give you 12% off your next purchase.

It’s easy to get started. Next time you purchase a Lonesome George & Co. t-shirt, look inside to see if it is recyclable and when you are done with it, bring it back to any store or send it to us and we will take care of the rest!.

In the future, we will be developing a collection that is made from all the recycled tees containing vintage pieces of artwork, patches, and embroideries from our classic collections. Much like our mission of conservation, the recycled line will have a piece of history in each garment.