AAC-GAL 2015, Initiatives

Road to Conservation

Isabel Guamán, Naomi Panata

On our initiative, “Road to Conservation” we want to educate the children of Puerto Ayora on the themes of environmental conservation, elements, resources and recycling.

We will develop an environmental education program to children of 5-8 years, in which we teach children about the importance of preserving nature, caring for the planet, and living in harmony with the environment.

What motivated us to make this initiative is the love we have for the potential of a young minds, especially because youth are the future generations who are responsible for the care of the environment, our city and our Islands in the Galapagos National Park.

We live in a small community that has lots of infants but kindergarteners aren’t given much attention when it comes to lessons about environmental conservation, so we want to provide an opportunity and a space to learn about such topics.

The enviromental education program will be structured for 20 children from the ages of 5-8 years.

Children can learn about resources such as water, earth, air and fire. They’ll also learn about recycling, gardening, wildlife and the importance of preserving nature.