Our Story

It all began with Lonesome George. He was the last surviving Pinta Island Tortoise in Galápagos, now extinct as a direct result of human actions. His legacy moved us in a very powerful way, and Lonesome George & Co. was born. Our mission: Inspire and empower youth to positively impact our communities, to actively shape our future before it’s too late.



Choosing Wisely

Over the last 50 years, we’ve altered ecosystems more than at any point in history. To respond, we must make better decisions. Everyday choices, no matter how small, have an impact on our surroundings.

Our line of apparel, through unique design and ethical production, offers conscious consumers a high-quality product that not only feels good to wear, but also does good in the process.

A Lonesome George & Co. garment makes a statement that you’ve accepted the challenge to become part of the solution; that you are an Agent of Change.



Outfitting Leaders

We need a new generation of leaders to ensure our natural and cultural treasures are never at risk again. And we need an innovative way to teach those skills and values.

The Academy of Agents of Change equips them to realize their dream of making a difference in their communities.

Our partners: Outward Bound (experiential/adventure learning) and Ashoka’s Youth Venture (social entrepreneurship) bring the Academy to life, creating a unique sustainability-focused educational experience.



Influencing Generations

It´s a proactive, long term solution that holds the key to hope for a better planet.

We’re “Outfitting Agents of Change”.

The Academy program as a springboard and our continued support, graduates directly impact their communities implementing practical social initiatives that address issues from the ground up.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, you can be an Agent of Change in your community.

Get inspired and join us! We need your support.

We’re building an army that’s ready to change the world.  Join the movement!