Outward Bound


In partnership with Outward Bound Ecuador Foundation, we fund leadership programs for Galapagos residents. System Dynamics tells us that balance in a system comes not only from outlining the boundary of the system but also and most importantly from understanding the behavior of its agents. Understanding that The Galapagos community represents the largest and most influential agent in this system, Lonesome George & Co. has partnered with Outward Bound Ecuador to impart leadership programs that inspire Agents of Change and galvanize a mental shift towards global interdependence. Lonesome George & Co. has dedicated an investment equivalent to 10% of gross sales to fund Outward Bound Experiential Learning programs in the islands that teach:
– Self- Respect
– Self-Reliance
– Self-Empowerement
– Personal Values
– Team Work
– Compassion
– Sustainability Concern

Ashoka Youth Venture


The next step in the Lonesome George & Co. Human Capital Fund is our partnership with Ashoka Youth Venture. Ashoka is the leading organization for building social entrepreneurs. Rather than leaving societal needs for the government or business sectors to address, social entrepreneurs are creating innovative solutions, delivering extraordinary results, and improving the lives of millions of people. Lonesome George & Co. invests in individuals ages 17 through 24, guiding them through the Ashoka Youth Venture to inspire them to become social entrepreneurs and create impactful results as Agents of Change, transforming society profoundly.

Scalesia Foundation


Through our student scholarships with the Scalesia Foundation at the Tomas de Berlanga School in Puerto Ayora Galapagos, we ensure that students develop systemic awareness about their local ecosystems and learn how to steward the Galapagos as a global heritage site. Lonesome George & Co. partnered with Scalesia Foundation to support the local NGO’s effort in Education from 2007 to 2010. Throughout this period we invested 3% of the gross revenues generated in the Islands to fund scholarships in Tomas de Berlanga School. Scalesia’s Foundation as well as Tomas de Berlanga’s education values are aligned with the Outward Bound pillars and principles that Lonesome George & Co embraces. At the moment, we are diligently working to continue our support to this local NGO via Outward Bound Programs for its students.

Galapagos Tortoise Programme


In partnership with The Max Planck Institute and Scalesia Foundation, we support The Galapagos Tortoise Programme to track and protect Galapagos’ tortoises. The Programme’s objective was to take Stephen Blake’s scientific research on tortoise migration patterns and adapt it to an academic curriculum that would in turn support experiential learning for Tomas de Berlanga students. Lonesome George & Co. contributed to fund this project in 2010 via “Carolina and Sebastian” t-shirts, the first tagged tortoises in the programme.